Ballantine Castings (a UK Iron Foundry) has a rich and expansive history of metalwork and iron casting in the UK and beyond. Having started up in the early 1820s, the iron foundry became formally established in 1856 and have been in continuous production ever since. For the entire period, the foundry has been owned and run by the Ballantine family and is now in its 7th generation.

Ballantine Castings is a UK Iron Foundry specialising in the medium volume production of iron castings ranging from 1kg – 3 tonnes. We supply castings across the architectural, engineering and construction sectors. We maintain the highest standards of production and quality through the utilisation of the highest quality raw materials. Producing a range of grey, ductile, NI resist and high wear irons (see materials). We also operate an aluminium furnace and aluminium production plant producing aluminium castings up to 600kg in weight. Our unflinching commitment to continual improvement in processes and product ensures all of our customers receive excellence without concession.

The Falkirk area once had over 100 foundries and a couple of generations ago, Scotland’s iron and steel trades employed 100,000 people.  Alongside iron and steelworks like Ravenscraig, Dalzell, Clydebridge and Dalmarnock were iron founders such as Walter Macfarlane’s Saracen Foundry and George Smith’s Sun Foundry in Glasgow, the Lion Foundry in Kirkintilloch and the Carron Company.

Today, those great names are nothing more than industrial archaeology, yet iron founding is also a 21st century enterprise. We have modernised our methods and manufacturing techniques whilst not losing sight of our cultural and traditional heritage. We are very proud to be a UK manufacturer and proud that we are a member of the Made in Britain Campaign which promotes British Manufacturing.

With a continual investment programme in place, a highly trained and skilled workforce and the adoption of new technologies we can assure that we will be making high quality, high integrity architectural, engineering and construction castings for many years to come.