Over the last 200 years the name Ballantines has become synonymous with cast iron projects in the United Kingdom and abroad. Every project across the architectural, engineering and construction sectors receives the same service providing tailored expertise on all aspects of casting development. For this reason we are expertly placed to offer our customers unrivalled service in all aspects of iron castings.

You can read our case studies about particular projects listed in the left hand menu. Please note that only a few, choice projects are posted on the website but we will keep this regularly updated through our news story updates. With the vast array of different castings produced in the foundry on a monthly basis there is always a project that will spark some interest. We are proud to the a UK manufacturer and we ensure that in all of our projects that every cast component is manufactured in the UK.

Investment in the latest equipment and continuous development of our people has enabled us to be price competitive with any other UK foundry. Not only can we produce castings at competitive costs we are also able to offer great quality and our customer service is at the forefront of the industry.