We produce a vast range of architectural iron castings and cast iron street furniture for a range of clients having honed our skills in this sector for just under 200 years. Working with architects, contractors, artists and private clients we provide a truly unique and unsurpassed service for all architectural castings projects.

We have over 100,000 ornamental patterns so we have carefully selected a broad spectrum of designs to cater for every taste on our new online catalogue. We believe the new catalogue gives commercial, private, domestic and public clients access to the single largest collection of hand crafted, architectural iron castings in the UK if not the world. We take real pride in supplying authentic, handmade, heritage design castings, produced in our own foundry, using traditional methods unchanged since Victorian times.

Why Choose Ballantine Castings for Architectural Iron?

Traditional, Heritage Craft

Our traditional greensand moulders hand make all of our architectural products from antique patterns with no machinery in the process, no automation and little more than a row of greensand, a shovel, a trowel and 7 generations of experience. All of our trade skills have been handed down from generation to generation since we were established during the industrial revolution in 1820. We are extremely proud to supply authentic, handmade, heritage design castings to clients around the world bringing history straight to your front door.

Made in Britain

Every single item is hand-made and produced in the UK. We are a fully operational, family run foundry, producing the highest quality architectural cast iron items and have been doing so for nearly 200 years.

Our  Range

Our range has been developed and added to for 196 years over 7 generations of the Ballantine family. We have over 100,000 different patterns at our disposal; from fantastically ornate, luxury, Victorian designs to exciting modern concepts; we have a pattern for almost any conceivable situation no matter how small or large the job. Although we believe our range to be the biggest in the UK (if not the world) we are constantly adding to it through new designs made in our own, traditional pattern shop. We can also expertly replicate unique castings from an original sample which allows us to provide an exact match for any of your casting requirements.

Sustainability & the Environment

All of the castings across our range are made from 100% recyclable materials – we turn old, scrap castings into new items. We buy unwanted railings, old machinery parts, general scrap iron and turn this into the castings you see in this catalogue. As iron is wholly recyclable the process of making castings is completely sustainable and will continue long into the next century. Indeed cast iron is a Greenpeace recommended material. We really don’t think there can be a greater commendation for the environmental properties of cast iron than this.


Cast iron is naturally durable for up to 100 years – it is one of the most durable metallurgical products known to man – and unlike plastics –it does not pollute our atmosphere, our seas or our planet. Many of the railings you see in our city centres will be over 100 years old and still holding pride of place today.


In our opinion architectural iron has an aesthetic charm that cannot be matched by other materials in any application. Unlike steels or plastics, cast iron can form any shape required, offering an almost endless array of design possibilities. Take a walk through any British city and it is often the heritage railings, balconies and gates that catch the eye. Our skilled craftsmen can produce the highest quality, enduring, hand-made products to bring the designs of old back to life and showcase the endless architectural possibilities that cast iron offers.

Experience & Expertise

We have continually produced architectural iron castings since 1820 and we still have the same pride and passion in our work as we did all those years ago. Over this time we have amassed a wealth of experience in all things cast iron related and pride ourselves on being experts in all areas of Victorian Engineering. Our multi-tiered, multi-skilled workforce covers every aspect of metalwork which means that our expertise is not just centred on cast iron but also includes wrought iron, aluminium and steel, restoration techniques, cleaning techniques, site assembly, paint specifications and the use of cast iron in modern construction, landscape planning and architecture.


We are committed to providing the highest quality, premium, artisan cast iron products available on the market today all manufactured in the UK. Every order is dealt with the same importance from one to a thousand castings. Our technical sales team are always available to assist with any query you may have. Our service to every customer is underpinned by our quality accreditations and we are proud to British Standard IS0:9001 accredited, RISQS Accredited, members of the Scottish Business Pledge and members of the Made in Britain Campaign.


No project is too small or too large. We can supply from one offs to thousands depending on requirement. Every single order, no matter what size, is dealt with in the same professional manner offering all of our customers unrivalled service and the highest quality, traditional castings. Our passion lies in faithfully supplying the traditional cast iron designs of old no matter the size of the requirement.

Standard Catalogued Products

Standard products include a truly immense range of architectural castings; ornamental stair panels, bowed panels, stair spindles, stair bars, newel posts, railing bars including finials, cast iron finials, back stays and posts, top-rails, large railing and balcony panels, ornamental crestings, cast iron brackets, LCC treads and landings, spiral treads and landings, ventilation grilles and cast iron gratings, cast iron air bricks, general ironmongery, pipe brackets and domestic items like fireplaces and cast iron tables. Street furniture items include, columns an lighting, signposts, cast iron posts, cast iron seat ends and benches, bollards and tree grilles.