We manufacture a diverse range of construction and drainage castings for private and commercial customers. We offer a range of standardised products encompassing a wide range of channel gratings, interceptor traps, reverse clearing arm traps, kerb unit assemblies, gullies grates and frames, arterial grates and frames, curved gutters, yard gullies, surface boxes, Buchan gratings and frames, coal plates and frames, hart trap gratings, ogee gutters and much more.

Our standard products are used in all areas of the construction industry – including housing projects, new build projects, motorways, bridges, docks, airports, chemical plants, public sector buildings, prisons, pedestrianisation schemes and shopping centres. We also offer bespoke services for large bore pipework and ornate drainage items. All products are cast and manufactured to a high standard is accordance with our IS0:9001 accreditation. We also offer castings across a range of different loading accreditations from A15, B125, C250 and D400 to ensure that all customers get the right casting for all eventualities.

Our on-line catalogue has a range of items that will be of interest to both commercial and private customers and we welcome any enquiry. We provide all construction and drainage clients with a reliable and cost-effective UK manufacturing service.