Ballantine Castings Ltd. manufactures hundreds of high integrity engineering iron castings in grey iron, ductile iron, high wear and austenitic irons for services to the general engineering, power generation, oil and gas, mining/materials processing, gas turbine and transportation industries throughout the UK and Europe. Engineering castings constitute the majority of our business on an annual basis and the majority of our tonnage.

Standard iron casting items include pumps, valves, gearboxes, seals, gear wheels, water valve castings, impellors, compressor and blower castings to name a few. However, we work closely with clients in partnerships, developing new products and offering the most cost effective solutions to iron casting requirements. Our service in producing engineering cast is underpinned by our quality procedures and accreditations – guaranteeing all customers the highest quality product with excellent turnarounds and ongoing customer support.

All engineering iron castings can be produced as one off specials, prototypes or to provide medium frequency batch orders – we have the flexibility in our processes to manufacture from tens to thousands. With 3 individual moulding bays specifically designed for engineering castings we can work from complex loose patterns or boxed moulds for higher quantity production runs. Engineering castings range from 1kg – 3 tonnes across our whole metallurgical range.

Railway Castings

We also manufacture over 5,000 individual switch and crossing components for the railway industry ranging from base-plates and heel blocks to distance and stress transfer blocks. We are a Network Rail Approved supplier in this industry.