Construction projects take on many forms but the last few years have brought some extremely interesting projects through our doors. Outside of our standardised drainage goods and construction products (see our drainage catalogue here) we have manufactured specifically designed cast iron drainage gratings, 470mm diameter cast iron pipes and bespoke ductile iron paving slabs and roof tiles to name a few.

However, the most interesting project was a complete building façade. Architect John Honeyman is said to have based his design for what was originally a furniture warehouse, opened in 1872, on the “Golden House” in Venice. It was built using triple-arched cast iron frames with masonry arches above the shops below. Above the arches, large bay and round windows are framed by Doric and Corinthian columns.

The interior of the building and the mansard were destroyed by a major fire in 1987, and although the cast iron frame survived, it was damaged and in need of repair. Ballantine Castings were contracted for the creation of new patterns and the creation / erection of two new bays. The new patterns and castings had to exactly resemble the ones in situ to retain the stunning aesthetics of the building. The contract was complete on time and the results can be seen by the photographs. This was a uniquely challenging contract, with many unknowns at the outset, but one that has stood the test of time.