The cattle were the concept and design of the innovative artist Alan Potter and were cast, fitted and engineered at our iron foundry in Scotland.

The cattle, a Highland bull and cow, recall the days when Stenhousemuir was the premier market town for Highland Cattle which were driven there from as far away as the Outer Hebrides. In its heyday there were as many as 100,000 cattle at the market. The cattle market was called the Tryst, an old Scottish name for a romantic meeting, or a “date”. Therefore the cattle stand on top of a “Loveheart” shaped mound made of sandstone.

The cattle are made of cast iron, an industry which was synonymous with the town. It was here that the famous Carron Ironworks were established in the 18th century and supplied the Royal Navy with the Carronade gun. Standing at 1.5 metres tall, 2.5 metres long and weighing in at nearly half a tonne each these magnificent sculptures are as striking and imposing as they are intrinsically Scottish and beautiful. Their size and arresting design make them perfect for country estates, parklands, events, roadside sculptures, private gardens, inner city artwork or indeed adding a certain sense of grandeur to any occasion.

We are currently looking for parties who are interested in purchasing these magnificent animals. They are also available for hiring for a three day minimum period. These outstanding testaments to Scottish design and engineering are assured to be a focal point wherever they go.

If you are interested, or know anyone that might be, please get in touch.