Reinstatement of Historic Railings
Emily Davidson, the Suffragette who famously threw herself under the King’s horses in the Derby, is one of Britain’s’ cherished figures. Thanks to lottery funding and the care of individuals and research groups, funding was released to repair her grave in Morpeth. The original ornate cast iron railings surrounding the family grave in were removed during the war effort and had not been replaced, despite her status as one of Britain’s national icons.

Ballantines were chosen to faithfully supply and fit the ornate panelling surrounding her grave. The pattern making was the key element of the job as all dimensional sizes and design had to be taken from old photographs and be an exact replica of the original metalwork. The intricacies of the moulding itself were also of utmost importance due to the highly ornate sections involved. In total 51 ornamental panels were supplied and fitted to restore the beauty of the grave to be a suitable resting place for someone very much still in the national conscience today.