Electric Melting

Flexible melting procedures and systems are the lifeblood of our iron foundry. We have specifically designed our melting capabilities to offer excellent metallurgical flexibility and rapid casting turnarounds to all of our customers. The Company operates two 3 tonne induction melting furnaces with a dual capacity of 12 tonnes per day across all metal grades (predominantly cast iron and ductile iron). We also operate a 600kg aluminium and alloy furnace recently purchased to meet our increased aluminium melting requirements.  Annual capacity at with standard working procedures is 2,750 tonnes but this can easily be increased to meet customer requirements.


Furnace Control

Both in-house and external quality controls ensure that the materials cast are of the highest possible standard offering our customers utmost confidence in our final product. As a foundry we are renowned for offering extremely quick casting turnaround times whilst still providing excellent castings in terms of dimensional accuracy, surface finish and structural soundness. This is because we maintain the highest quality standards of melting control and offer the below services as standard.

Spectrograph – All melts are chemically analysed in-house by our fully qualified metallurgists.

Test Bar Recording – Test bars are taken from each melt and sent to a UKAS approved laboratory for tensile and elongation testing.

Micro Analysis – All Ductile Iron melts are micro analysed for nodularity.

Temperature – All melts are checked for temperature in the furnace & in the ladle prior to every cast.

Hardness – Brinell Hardness tests carried out by trained quality staff.

Conformity – Full product certification is provide with every order


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