Our 5 acre, 20,000.00 square metre warehousing site means we have great versatility in holding both customer stock and pattern equipment. Our facility has excellent, well organised storage facilities for customer patterns and pattern equipment that is designed to cater for both loose and boxed pattern equipment. Patterns are separated by customer and regular audits are done to ensure their storage is carried out correctly. We hold considerable insurances to cover all customer patterns and give all of our clients’ peace of mind. We also own over 100,000 architectural and drainage patterns which we store on site. 

We can also hold stock castings on repeat, batch items if required by a customer. One of the other services our customers appreciate is that we can make low volume parts on the plant and stock them which gives customers medium volume production part prices but supplied in hand made volumes. This unique model of working and warehousing items has proved popular and offers customers a superior turnaround on delivery than many of our competitors.

If you have any queries at all in regards to our warehousing capabilities please get in touch either by calling our technical sales team or by sending us an email via our website.